"Postlethwaite's most important role"

Date 17th Aug 2009

Things going rather well on the Stupid-awareness front: 17,601 new web pages including the words "The Age of Stupid" appeared on the internet in the last .... year?.... month?..... week?..... Nope: the last 24 hours.

Some of the Australia / New Zealand highlights: 

Sydney Morning Herald review: We hogged the whole page in the Sydney Morning Herald. 3.5 stars out of 4, oh yeah baby. A bad review in the SMH can cripple a no-advertising film like ours, so that's a huge relief.  Move over into the little column Michael Mann and Demi Moore...Sydney Morning Herald Review


Sydney Morning Herald opinion piece: "Risks trading on the complacency it sets out to pierce, even as it makes waves that more eminent analyses do not." Read it here.

Courier Mail mega interview with Pete: Oh my lord, they've put Stupid in the same breath as In The Name of the Father...  "Twice in the career of celebrated actor Pete Postlethwaite a role has come along which meshed perfectly with his personal passions. First in 1993's In the Name of the Father....". Read it here.


Indie Film Nation's podcast goes one step further and says that Stupid is "Postlethwaite's most important role". Listen here.

Sunday Star Times:

New Zealand's answer to Jeremy Paxman, Kim Hill, had a good old chat with Stupid Director Franny Armstrong on one of the country's most popular radio shows. Listen here.

The Blurb says that Stupid "Packs more whammy than An Inconvenient Truth and is particularly watchable". Read it here.

Womans Weekly:


95bFM's Podcast also interviews Franny. Listen here.

TV NZ's Close Up Piece.  Watch here.

 NZ 3 News Nightline Piece. Watch here.

Herald on Sunday:


Dunedin's local paper goes mad for local gal, Stupid producer, Lizzie Gillett. 

ODT front page


      NZ Listener Article:

NZ Listener NZ