May, 2007

The heatwave continues

Location On the floor in the office | Mood Brain-exhausted | Date 2 August 2006
The heatwave continues. London's response: buy more air conditioners. I've spent the last five days lying on the floor with High Tide Mark, doing pilates (him), eating ice lollies (me) and both of us trying not to turn the electric fan on (seems inappropriate somehow). We are attempting to nail all the arguments/positions/key points to include. Extremely glad we decided to, as Mark has demolished many of my favourite ideas. (The Sweden no-oil-after-2030 is a red herring, apparently.)

Which Iraq war story to choose?

Location Sofa again. Springs coming through. Torn apart by cat scratching. Will I still like the threadbare look once the Crude millions come flooding in? | Mood Yearning for domesticity, terrifyingly | Date 25 July 2006
Real tears are dripping onto my laptop typing this, as Emma Thompson has just found out that it's all been a big misunderstanding and Hugh Grant isn't married after all. This is extremely worrying and not just because of my history of electrical equipment and water.

Big Oil in the family

Location Dad's house in the woods in Oxfordshire | Mood Hopeful | Date 23 July 2006
One good thing about my sort-of-boyfriend's government killing hundreds of innocent Lebanese, is that I didn't have to blow out my dad and stepmum's 20th wedding party yesterday by being in Jordan. Not that I would've felt TOO guilty, as my dad scarred me for life by missing most of my childhood birthdays cos he was away filming important documentaries in difficult countries. Revenge is best served 25 years cold.

The kids learnt French

Location Not managed to get out of bed yet | Mood Lonely and miserable | Date 21 July 2006
Endless problems caused primarily, I think, by this crazy idea of making six documentaries in six countries at the same time. With a crew of two. All our stories are running away with us. Jeh is in the UK at an airshow, but we only found out via the news, so we missed filming his big press conference this morning - he's buying 10 more planes. Shit. That would've been a good scene for the ever-expanding angle. Al is getting stressed at us filming on the rig. Think he might be thinking of backing out.

London is melting

Location Office | Mood Nesting | Date 19 July 2006
London is melting. Today was the hottest ever day in July. 36.3 degrees C. I'm happy to say this is not going unnoticed. The Middle East is also in meltdown.

Five correctly speeded days

Location Office | Mood Satisfied | Date 11 July 2006
Lack of diary entries recently as I've been happily sidetracked. Firstly, my Sister managed to persuade a crowd of 2000-odd people to their feet through sheer enthusiasm at a Pet Shop Boys gig (we'd sneaked into the posh seats at the front and were going to get captured if everyone stayed sitting). And Neil Tennant smiled at me. He did. He did! Then I had a visitor from Israel for five correctly-speeded days (time has either been way too fast - the two days we had together - or way too slow - the three months since).

Martin Adler shot dead

Location Kitchen table at Spanner Films office | Mood Shocked | Date 23 June 2006
My long-term distributor, some-time editor, part-time counsellor and full-time friend, Mark Stucke, called this morning with the horrific news that his great friend - and frequent filmmaking partner - freelance cameraman Martin Adler was shot dead by an unknown gunman at a peaceful rally in Somalia yesterday. Fucking shit.

And another reason not to watch Al Gore's movie

Location Middle seat in the row of jumbo Boston -> London | Mood Relaxing into solitude | Date 21 June 2006
Seems hard to imagine right at this minute, writing on a jumbo over the Atlantic, but I genuinely intend never to fly again once I've finished Crude. (At least: to only fly within non-damaging carbon emissions, so about one big flight every five years or so). So this is highly likely the last time I'll see my brother's family in Boston. Well, not the family - they'll be visiting England - but their house and their life. (Having said that, we plan to come back for more Al filming later in the summer, so may get one more chance.)

An(other) absolutely life-changing experience

Location On floor of Miami airport | Mood Almost hyperventilating with emotion | Date 16 June 2006
9 months after Katrina hit

A Top 10 life moment

Location Four poster bed yet again | Mood | Date 14 June 2006
Met Friend's Sister in the park at a jazz gig tonight, when in Rome. We explained all our worries - could Al handle the potential fame? What if he loses his job? His sanity? Is he too fragile for the film?