September, 2007

Animation is easy

Location SF office | Mood Very very excited | Date 6 August 2007
Met new Animation Director, Martyn, this afternoon, to talk through some of the visual ideas. Thought it'd be at least a week before he could show us anything but he emailed through his first style tests at midnight. And they're brilliant. So cinematic. We are all very excited and can suddenly imagine how the whole future element is going to look. Maybe this animation lark won't be as hard as everyone has been making out...   - THIS IS A LIZZIE DIARY -  

Casting future kid actors

Location Soho of course | Mood Bemused | Date 10 August 2007
Why would anyone want to be an actor? Franny and I kept repeating this question after our first ever casting session. It's insane. You have to pretend to be some strange character, everyone is looking at you while you do it, and then they judge you on things totally out of your control (eg. hair too curly for animators). Just like a job interview - but for your looks, voice & personality. Awful! We're trying to cast two actors to play the main parts in our futuristic scenario - one girl (Eve) and one boy (Aidan).

130 conflicting opinions

Location Noodle bar in Soho | Mood Physically & emotionally shattered | Date 8 September 2007
Ten weeks solid editing and we've got a new rough cut, a new title - "The Age of Stupid" - a new soundtrack, loads of new crew members and an empty bank account. So seems high time to hold another - should be the last - funding event. Gives us a chance to watch the latest version on the big screen and try to persuade a few more people to part with their cash. Lovely Rob from the Curzon Soho offered us his cinema for free at 10am any Saturday morning.