November, 2008

One final batch of 15

Location | Mood | Date 30 November 2008
Hi Insiders, We're going to be releasing a final round of shares on Monday, but wanted to give you lovely lot the heads up in case any of you fancy owning a little more of the baby.

Top of the Dutch charts

Location | Mood | Date 25 November 2008
Hello from Amsterdam, Having a hilarious time here at the official launch of The Age of Stupid  (don't mention those other small preview screenings you may all have been at). We are the official Number 1 most watched film by the buyers at the market, out of the 450 films on sale here.

Help this Friday and generally

Location | Mood | Date 17 November 2008
Morning list, Anyone fancy lending us a hand? Job descriptions below, all voluntary I'm afraid, as we are totally skint. This is what the Grierson jury said about us, btw: "The out and out winner this year was chosen for the sheer scale of its ambition and the verve of its realization.  On every level, The Age of Stupid is a powerful and unforgettable film that leaves you honour bound to force governments to take action and that the judges recommend everybody must see." Hope all's well,Franny

Newsflash: the spooky head is in the kitchen

Location | Mood | Date 10 November 2008
Very speedy update: Stupid has just won a majorly-prestigious award, a Grierson.Kind of like the Ivor Novello songwriting award, in our little world of documentaries.See pic attached of the spooky head in its new home at the office. So along with "Best Green Doc" and "Film Most Likely to be a Cinema Hit"from Sunny Side (,that's a perfect three out of three awards we've entered so far, oh yeah baby.Not bad for a bunch of amateurs making it up as they go along.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Location | Mood | Date 5 November 2008
Check out our new poster, I love it so much. (Hopefully it is attached to this message or this won't make much sense.) Obviously the shiny bit is going to be a mirror. And there's just a few copyright issues to iron out... We're already half way to reaching our fundraising total thanks to you lovely people. If anyone wouldlike to help the film's distribution, but doesn't have a spare ten thousand quid lying around (why ever not?)you can either make a donation here