April, 2009

Anyone got any more superlatives?

Location | Mood | Date 14 March 2009
Evening, Too many amazing things have happened. I've run out of superlatives, so am resorting to a list. Full prose will resume at the earliest opportunity. Tabloid Revolution: Three million people will have choked on their cornflakes this morning when they read Pete's column in the Sun. See attached. "We - that is humanity - have only a couple of years left to act if we are to stop catastrophic climate change causing the deaths of hundreds of millions of people." In The Sun.

5 days, 5 hours, 31 mins, tick tock tick tock

Location | Mood | Date 10 March 2009
Hello Very quick one, bit busy with somethingorother.

Cancel the premiere

Location | Mood | Date 8 March 2009
Morning all,   We've been contacted in the last few weeks by everyone from Obama* and Kofi Annan to Miliband and Prince Charles, but by far my favourites are these two:  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  1. From a supporter in Inverness

"It doesn't work, it cannot work, it will never work"

Location | Mood | Date 2 March 2009
Morning all,  Quick, quick, our hot-off-the-press Making Of documentary is on the Guardian homepage (next to the super-adorable Morph flashmob), but just for a couple of hours: http://www.guardian.co.uk If we've been dumped by the time you read this, the direct link is: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/video/2009/mar/02/age-of-stupid-making-of

Tickets on sale tomorrow, 10am

Location | Mood | Date 23 February 2009
Morning Looks like we're doing it then... tickets for the People's Premiere go on sale tomorrow at 10am from here: www.ageofstupid.net/premiere Obviously the page will look very different in the morning.

Tickets on sale now: how you can help

Location | Mood | Date 24 February 2009
Morning all,  Today and today only we're going to send two emails to the list.  Sorry for the overload, but I hope you'll agree it's a special occasion.  This one explains how you can help and the following is for forwarding to everyone you've ever met. 

Oblivious to Oblivion

Location | Mood | Date 18 February 2009
Morning, You've got to hand it to those tabloid journos, they certainly know how to come up with a title: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/article2247547.ece