20,000 pounds in the kitty

Location Head in toilet at home | Mood Self-pitying | Date 25 January 2006
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Franny Armstrong
Head in toilet at home
Vomit landing
Serious food poisoning
25 January 2006
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Been sick 12 times
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20,000 pounds in the kitty

Human pyramid with the Guy Family, Fernand & Fernand's wife (Nicole)Human pyramid with the Guy Family, Fernand & Fernand's wife (Nicole)

Photograph: Charlotte Rushton


Got my monthly fix of positivity in Cornwall this weekend with Piers and Lisa and various of their pals in various stages of eco-ing up their houses with wind turbines and carbon neutral heating systems and what-have-you. It's great hanging out, I mean, working with them, as they all talk about positive solutions to climate change all the time. (Ursula, aged 9: "Mum, we were talking about climate change on the way home...". Lisa: "Oh yeah, how did you get onto that subject?").

In other good news, Spanner Films has been awarded a sort-of government grant (from a fab organisation called UnLtd ) for being social entrepreneurs. 20 thousand quid, thank you very much. The first thing to get is some ergonomic chairs to save our poor suffering backs.

There was a posh-ish lunch thing today for everyone who got the grants. Really inspiring bunch of people doing social-change projects like tennis for street kids and biodiesel co-ops. The food tasted pretty weird, but I didn't want to say anything, being a well brought up English girl. An hour later I felt pretty queasy and headed for home.

Have been throwing up - twelve times so far - ever since.