"Did I waste my life?" as oblivion beckons

Location Eurostar to Paris, then three more trains to Chamonix | Mood Anything is possible | Date 7 May 2006
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Franny Armstrong
Eurostar to Paris, then three more trains to Chamonix
Anything is possible
Love Comes Quickly on headphones via laptop: "Just when you least expect it, just what you least expect"
Bad back threatening to return
7 May 2006
Current crisis: 
Weather looking like it's going to ruin our plans
Current silver lining: 
Have to ride in helicopter to fight climate change ("noble flying", someone wisecracked the other day)

En route to Chamonix once more. Hoping to film aerials of the mountains for the opening scene in a bid to fool our viewers (and potential distributors) that they're watching a big budget extravaganza. Left it right to the last day of the ski season (tomorrow), so we can get lots of skiers on the mountain, but with patchy snow. Which was a good plan, except there's been thunderstorms all weekend, with more predicted for tomorrow, so looking highly likely to be a flop.

I'm also feeling nervous as I've died many times as helicopters fly into bridges in my dreams. Though I think the key point is the floor-dropping feeling of "did I waste my life?" as oblivion beckons, rather than the means of transport.

But if I do die, I now believe in premonitions, OK?