Documentary poetry with Jeh

Location Hotel room in Mumbai | Mood Soldiering on | Date 27 October 2005
Author (full name): 
Franny Armstrong
Hotel room in Mumbai
Soldiering on
Keane on the laptop, nightclub downstairs, horns honking
Bruised nose from walking into glass door
27 October 2005
Current crisis: 
Lost tripod plate
Current silver lining: 
Jeh has decided that doc is a good idea
Next job: 
Call centre selling first tickets

Jeh enjoying the filming. Our hero

Photograph: Patrick Igonet


Had a fantastic morning filming Jeh and his supermodel wife at their house and then in the car with Jeh doing his car salesman bit. I asked him a simple question and he talked non-stop for an hour, complete with mobile calls, beggars begging, crossing himself as we passed temples and plenty of back seat driving. The subjects covered were: house-husbandry, schooling in England, trance music as spirituality, selling ice to Eskimos, cutting apron strings, how to overcome knock-backs, why his 10-day millennium festival in Goa was cancelled and how driving a different car to school every day at 17 helps one's confidence.

He is quite a brilliant character for a film. And the fact that he is starting an airline in order to eradicate poverty in India is documentary poetry.