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Location Train to Kent | Mood Anti-social, unintelligent, grumpy | Date 23 April 2006
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Franny Armstrong
Train to Kent
Anti-social, unintelligent, grumpy
Still obsessed with Morrissey's new love life: "I'm walking through Rome and there's no room to move. But the heart feels free, the heart feels free."
Knee still v sore, curse you Robinson
23 April 2006
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Got to spend next four days with a load of strangers

Bounced home for just 16 hours last night - washed clothes, played with cats, debriefed by Head of Security (sister) - then straight onto a four-day residential filmmaking think-tank thing in a big farmhouse in Kent. Sounded like a good idea a few weeks ago, but right now all I want to do is wake up every four hours or so to eat more vegetables.