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Location Spanner Films office | Mood Happy | Date 13 November 2005
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Franny Armstrong
Spanner Films office
Lee Ryan, Wish The Whole World Knew (Wish I'd had the guts to talk to him at the awards ceremony last year)
13 November 2005
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Hopefully signed up editor

Entirely predictably, the new monitor arrived today, the day after John's disappointment. I watched the footage at full quality - and found the best shots - and it looked spectacular. David Hill came over. He edited McLibel and I'd love for him to edit Crude too. Only problem is that he's very expensive. But I explained the concept of all the crew owning shares - and getting royalty cheques for the next 10 years - and he seemed to agree. But has to see what his girlfriend (mother of their two small children who need feeding) thinks of the plan.

Meanwhile, in the next room, Alex's lovely boyfriend Marcus has been building us a box to house the tripod head and stick on a post by a ski slope for a year.