Five years ago today

Location Edit room in the office, 11.45pm | Mood Frazzled satisfaction | Date 26 June 2007
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Franny Armstrong
Edit room in the office, 11.45pm
Frazzled satisfaction
Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square, but quietly so as not to wake neighbours
Sandpaper retinas
26 June 2007
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Website overran. Only 10 days left till final edit.
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She's a beauty

It's exactly five years to the day - possibly to the hour - that we thought of the idea for the film, so strikes me as a delightfully auspicious moment to go public about our little project.

And so without further ado... ahem... it gives me great pleasure... after an exhausting three weeks of round the clock shifts... and I'd just like to thank everyone who worked so tirelessly... in particular Torchbox, who designed and hosted it for free... yeah, yeah, get on with it.... to declare this humble website... open.

Right, what next?