A coherent script emerges

Location Kitchen table at the office | Mood Perky | Date 6 June 2007
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Franny Armstrong
Kitchen table at the office
Workmen resurfacing road outside
6 June 2007
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Script moving forward in leaps and bounds

After three very long days and nights bashing together all the ideas into a coherent script, we stocked up on pastries and got everyone into the same room for a read-through. Mark was very convincing as the geeky teenage know-it-all but Emily wasn't so keen on her slightly wimpy teenage girl (maybe should swop those roles over. can't have the girl being feeble). Bruce , David and Lizzie all seemed pretty convinced, though Bruce was still saying worrying stuff about "you need to know what your story is" when we thought we'd totally cracked it.

Crude structure in post-it notes - the early daysMore complicated structure as of June 2007

The Crude structure in post-it notes. August 2006 left, June 2007 right. Is it working better now?
(Blue is documentary, orange animation, green archive, pink big themes and yellow scene names)

Have no idea how I managed to back myself into this script writing corner. I thought I was making a documentary and now I'm having to defend my dialogue. I don't know how to write dialogue. I also know nothing about casting child actors, but luckily the latest recruits, Gemma and Sam , are on the case on that front. Air of unreality continued as we discussed Harry Potter and Made In England stars with them.

Bruce threw in that he's selling his holiday home in Spain cos I've made him realise that all the flying back and forth he's been doing is not on. Blimey. The suggestion that he gives some of the proceeds to Crude was, however, not accepted.