Location "Yahoo 24" internet cafe. Don't try the 'cappuccino'. | Mood Grumpy | Date 8 August 2006
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Franny Armstrong
"Yahoo 24" internet cafe. Don't try the 'cappuccino'.
Distorted Arabic pop on someone's computer nearby
Upset stomach. Resolve to only drink tap water - to save plastic bottles - has backfired.
8 August 2006

Crazy Franny filming while sitting on taxi. Nooni finds splendid new filming position

Drove three hours through the desert to what I'd understood from Kulood was some kind of hostel for Iraqi widows, but turned out to be a refugee camp we already knew about - and knew that there's only two Iraqi families staying there. All the rest are Palestinians.

I'd also decided not to go there as it is too near the Iraqi border (about 60km) and I'm chicken shit.

As soon as I realised all the above, I shocked Kulood and Lashes by saying that we would just turn straight back - no point trying to get permission to film. They could not believe anyone could drive all that way for no reason - and part of me was tempted to take a few pix just to look busy. Couldn't explain that the Director's key role is to make decisions - whether they are correct or not is hardly the point. Still, I got my new nickname, "Nooni" (Arabic for crazy).

Only achievement today was some nice shots of camels in the desert, a few glidecam travelling shots and a few laughs attempting to film sitting on top of the taxi (turned out to be too windy, but good for the Making Of doc).