Signed up John Battsek today

Location Bus back from Tottenham Court Rd | Mood Very excited. Toes tapping | Date 20 May 2004
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Franny Armstrong
Bus back from Tottenham Court Rd
Very excited. Toes tapping
Inane mobile phone conversations all around
20 May 2004
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18,000 pound debt on credit cards & overdrafts
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We have a Producer

Two years have passed since thinking of the idea for the film. Been busy finishing Drowned Out and making a DVD of McLibel.

Signed up John Battsek today. I've had my eye on him to be the Producer of the Traffic/Oil doc since I heard him talk at something or other a year or two ago, where he told the whole story of how he went to the movies to see 'When We Were Kings', walked out wanting to make a feature doc, thought it may as well be sport cos he loves it, walked by a poster with the word 'Munich', remembered the Munich Olympics of 1972, made doc, won Oscar. Plus he was scruffy, swore a lot and said that the idea was everything.

So I went and gave him the one-minute pitch. It's Traffic, except it's oil instead of drugs and documentary instead of fiction. He said, and I quote, "Love it. Let's do it."

Fantastic to have a proper industry type person on board. Bit worried about his green Nike socks and the fact that he wore his sunglasses throughout lunch in the shade. But I think we could be a great team.