Surprised it made any sense at all

Location Surrounded by empty beer and wine bottles | Mood Quietly confident | Date 2 April 2007
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Franny Armstrong
Surrounded by empty beer and wine bottles
Quietly confident
Cats crunching stray crisps
Toothache in tooth that dentist accidentally replaced the filling from
2 April 2007
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Good thought

Been having lots of screenings of the Rough Cut to various carefully selected groups of friends & funders, with me scribbling hundreds of notes to myself and then re-editing stuff before the next one. Seems every other night another bunch of people spends the evening staring at the wall. (Looks great projected).

The general consensus - see some comments below - is that the stories are all working in themselves - good job, too, as we aint going back - but that the film doesn't make a great deal of sense as a whole. Seeing as there's none of the archive or animation or linking pieces in there yet, I'm surprised it made any sense at all.

We also got our focus groupies to fill in a questionnaire testing them on the facts - what did Jeh's grandfather do? why was the Nigerian village destroyed etc - and everyone got full marks, which was extremely impressive (by them) and means we've at least cracked the getting-factual-info-across part.

- "So impressive - great mix of information and emotion. A wonderful film (in the making)." Til
- " A film that needs to be made, made me aware of some things I wasn't already." May
- " I feel privileged to have seen an early cut." Olly
- "I am not sure of the overall argument. Lots of things seem irrelevant to global warming. Lacks focus." Simon
- "The expansiveness/globalness is very powerful, it feels raw but I like that." Tom
- "Some of it is 100% beautiful, perfect. Some less so." Boo
- "You two are Goddesses. Seriously it's so human and humane and moving and I feel changed. I'm still going to see my Mum next week but after that..." Suzanne
- "20 minutes is stunning. It's going to cut loads of carbon!" Mark
- "Frightening." John D
- "Made me cry, won't ever forget the images. Not depressing but very, very sad." Fenella
- "Complex and sobering." Louise W
- "I loved the human aspect. The human stories are compelling." Louise K
- "Basically great. A little overcomplicated in parts." Anita