The heatwave continues

Location On the floor in the office | Mood Brain-exhausted | Date 2 August 2006
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Franny Armstrong
On the floor in the office
How could I ever have doubted them? Pet Shop Boys, I Made My Excuses And Left: "I felt I should apologise for what I hadn't heard... I felt like such a fool for crying All that I know, is when you feel inside you're dying It all begins again, defying your excuses"
Headache from sugar and thinking
2 August 2006
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We'll never move the rocks in time

The heatwave continues.

London's response: buy more air conditioners.

I've spent the last five days lying on the floor with High Tide Mark, doing pilates (him), eating ice lollies (me) and both of us trying not to turn the electric fan on (seems inappropriate somehow).

We are attempting to nail all the arguments/positions/key points to include. Extremely glad we decided to, as Mark has demolished many of my favourite ideas. (The Sweden no-oil-after-2030 is a red herring, apparently.)

New thoughts (well, not new new. Recently admitted to self that I would never think of anything original - but can be quite good at repackaging cleverer people's original thoughts, so lots of people hear them):

* We are already well into a new geological era, the Anthropocene, where human interference is the dominant factor in nearly every planetary ecosystem, to the detriment of perhaps them all. 

* We are on a path to certain doom, but there is a small timeframe - 5 to 10 years - to change paths. Well, a complete change of direction is needed. Mark had a good analogy: we're in a ship heading towards the rocks and expending lots of effort trying to move the rocks, dissolve the rocks, build wings on boat etc, when we should be turning the boat around - but that would involve changing our lifestyles.