The last ever flight for Crude

Location Enjoying the last ever view from a plane's window | Mood Mightily relieved | Date 30 January 2007
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Franny Armstrong
Enjoying the last ever view from a plane's window
Mightily relieved
"Love Actually" on the wee TV screen
Very hungry. No food today with all the dashing round. Where's my plastic tray?
30 January 2007
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Can't think of one
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Finished filming with Jeh, Layefa, Al and Fernand
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None for a good long while. All stories finished, except Piers's windfarm result.

Sharing a bed & office for the best part of 2 years...Sharing a bed & office for the best part of 2 years...

Photograph: Charlotte Rushton


Made it by the skin of my teeth direct from filming an interview with Jeh in his car - all the way to the airport - and straight through immigration and onto the plane home. This is the last ever flight for Crude and should be my last ever non-sustainable flight for anything. (If you save up your carbon you can fly every five years or so as long as your total carbon comes under the 1 tonne a year which doesn't cause climate change).

Asked Jeh his opinion on climate change. He had a great answer: that humanity is unable to address the even greater problem of poverty, so what chance does "the health of the planet" have? He's been personally fighting poverty for most of his adult life, so is speaking from experience. He also said that aviation only contributes about 1.6% of the world carbon emissions, so there's lots of other industries to address first. I was impressed with how up-to-speed he was.

Lizzie is, strangely, not sitting beside me, as she has stayed on in India, to go on holiday with her boyfriend Brendan. Seems very strange to not be together - and was weird saying goodbye - as have been sharing a room (and often a bed) for 5 weeks straight. She pointed out that she's spent more nights in bed with me this year than Brendan. Ha ha. Plus we've been through serious traumas together this last month.

No day off for me though, four week edit starts tomorrow. (Actually D the E has already done two weeks without me). He sent me the cut of the edit he's done of Al's jazz scene and it's looking so darn good I wouldn't want to go on holiday even if I did have a lovely boyfriend to do it with .... maybe.... anyway, very excited to start whipping this film of ours into shape.