Too many options

Location At my desk in office in attempt to bring order to chaos | Mood Chugging along | Date 3 August 2006
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Franny Armstrong
At my desk in office in attempt to bring order to chaos
Chugging along
Bruised thigh from football yesterday. But worth it cos the gals beat the boys 10-8.
3 August 2006
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Lack of clarity
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Discovered 180 brains

Slightly confused by too many options after my week lying around with High Tide, so sent a couple of emails to our 'Crude Insiders': the 180 darlings who invested in or are working on Crude. Couldn't believe the response - tonnes of great ideas, tonnes of links to further thinking and tonnes of "good on you, keep going". What a fantastic, unintentional side effect of the "How we gonna fund this film without giving away the rights?" problem.

Went to see new related doc, 'Who Killed The Electric Car'. Was fairly feeble and very American. But went for dinner with D-the-E and Lizzie after. D-The-E had good idea: could have a bit in Crude where the screen goes black as though the power has cut. Let it run as long as we dare to freak out the audience.

Met dad for breakfast. They've decided to re-align their work towards climate change. Set up