Australia & New Zealand: Stupid is a Go

Location | Mood | Date 3 August 2009
Hi Australia and New Zealand and anyone who knows anyone who lives there,

What the Hell Am I Doing Here?

Location | Mood | Date 3 August 2009
Evening All,  Apologies for the second message in two days, but I just had to tell you the amazingly brilliant news...  .... but before I get on to that, here's some random interesting stuff... 

20 Hours Left to Get into the Credits

Location | Mood | Date 3 August 2009
Hello list,  Astounding results in just two days of our final fundraising effort for the Global Premiere:  

In a Rich Man's World

Location | Mood | Date 3 August 2009
Morning,  Franny and Lizzie here, chief fundraisers at Stupid Towers. Or should I say Franny and Lizzie, top Vogue models?!? See attached.

Metaphorical fivers & the Stupid rash‏

Location | Mood | Date 14 June 2009
Hello from a pleasant Sunday in Camden Town, 

Bad News / Good News from the climate front line‏

Location | Mood | Date 3 June 2009
Hi Everyone, Leo here, content producer for the Stupid websites and campaign strategist for Not Stupid. I'll be pitching in to some of these mailing list messages from now until Copenhagen, to keep you up to speed on the campaigny side of things at Stupid Towers, as well as flagging up major developments in the wider world of climate science and politics.

Stern vs Monbiot, plus further Ed-butting‏

Location | Mood | Date 28 May 2009
Evening all,  Someone pointed out that our Indie Screenings launch on Friday, with a total of 71 simultaneous UK screenings, was actually bigger than the much-hyped People's Premiere in March, which came in at a piddling 62 screens. Just don't tell the Guinness Book of Records, whose certificate finally arrived in the post yesterday (see attached - thanks again to Betty and Doro who paid for us to enter). 

Last chance to join Lord Stern‏

Location | Mood | Date 16 May 2009

Free tickets for the revolution‏

Location | Mood | Date 8 May 2009
Morning from California, We quietly opened up our Indie Screenings website a couple of days ago and, before we knew it, had 57 screenings booked. Unbelievable. Including 12 campaign groups, 11 holy faith groups, 9 sporty sports groups, 7 trade unions, 6 schools-a-schooling, 5 businesses, 4 individuals, 2 student unions, 1 local council and a partridge in a pear tree