Meet you at Tate Modern this Tuesday

Location | Mood | Date 28 August 2009
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Franny Armstrong
28 August 2009
Morning All, 
The last 100 or so Stupid screenings have been enormously frustrating as I've been forced to answer the inevitable "But what can we do?" question with the most unsatisfying generalities. Oh how it hurts, seeing the disappointment on all those faces, whilst knowing we have the killer - or perhaps opposite of killer - answer up our sleeves. 
We were going to launch in July, as I think I may have mentioned, but then Michael Jackson's headline-hogging put a stop to that. Really. That Conrad Murray has a lot to answer for. 
But those days are at last over. 
Well, will be very very shortly. 
As we hereby invite everyone and everyone's friends to come to Tate Modern this Tuesday 1st September between 4 and 7pm. 
Where we will be launching 10:10 
Alongside Spurs FC, Alistair McGowan, the Coop, the Science Museum, 10 hospitals, 10 schools, 10 universities, 10 local councils, Antony Gormley, Sara Cox, Logica, Ken Livingstone, ActionAid, Shami Chakrabati, the Bishop of London, Honeybuns Bakery, lots more celebs and 60 other organisations.
And explaining what on Earth it is. 
And why we bought a plane. 
And how you can help. 
And why Leo has had nightmares every night for six weeks. 
And how we hope to influence Copenhagen. 
And which very well known climate thinker said it's "the idea we've been waiting twenty years for". 
In case that's just not quite interesting enough to drag you down to the South Bank, there's also going to be music from a cracking band, speeches from not the usual suspects, a megawega photo for you to star in (forgot its name - the one from Obama's inauguration where you can see everyone's zits from a mile off), Sara Cox MCing, and the stars from a West End show doing their stuff. 
Top PR dudes Freud Communications have very kindly volunteered themselves to run the press campaign and have been busy making the schedule from hell for our spokespeople. So you're going to have to hide under your duvet on Tuesday morning if you want to avoid puns on the word "ten". Don't think we'll get on Newsnight, though, as they did a massive chunk on Stupid last night. Speaking of which, Ms Organised Media Assistant Lauren has put all the Stupid news appearances up on our vimeo channel here. Some of the local-gal-done-good ones about Lizzie in New Zealand are well worth a look, if only to see her presenting her local news whilst still in nappies.
10:10 Volunteers Needed
- Physical human beings needed Sat 29th, Sun 30th, Mon 31st and Tues 1st for flyering, setting up, organising crowds for the photo and all sorts of fun stuff. Email 
- Virtual human beings needed for a social networking frenzy starting today. Basic understanding of usual sites needed. Again, please contact and she'll pass you on to the team. 
Everyone else: please, please help spread the word: 
Facebook: launching today
See y'all on Tuesday at Tate Modern, we hope,
Team 10:10 Franny, Dan, Mal, Leo, Ian, James, Harriet, Tom, Nick, Nic, Robin, Richard, Cathy, Julian, Polly, Pete, Judith, Will, Kate, Duncan, George, Ben, Louisa, Rhys, Mel, Jeffrey, David, Alexandra, Alex, Ama & Andrew. Plus James & Bryony from 10:10 Power, Tim from 10:10 Health, Tim & Rich from 10:10 Country, Janet & team from 10:10 Schools and Alexis from 10:10 Local Councils