Newsflash: the spooky head is in the kitchen

Location | Mood | Date 10 November 2008
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Franny Armstrong
10 November 2008

Very speedy update: Stupid has just won a majorly-prestigious award, a Grierson.
Kind of like the Ivor Novello songwriting award, in our little world of documentaries.
See pic attached of the spooky head in its new home at the office.

So along with "Best Green Doc" and "Film Most Likely to be a Cinema Hit"
from Sunny Side (,
that's a perfect three out of three awards we've entered so far, oh yeah baby.
Not bad for a bunch of amateurs making it up as they go along.

But we'll be hearing whether we've got the really big prize in a couple of weeks,
when Sundance announce which films will screen this year. Will let you know
the minute we do.

Hope all's well,