2 days to go... 250 trees planted in Zimbabwe

Location | Mood | Date 20 September 2009
01.48. Sunday morning in New York Which technically means that the premiere is TOMORROW. But I'm going for "2 days to go..." on the subject header to fool Team Stupid Global Premiere (15 of us in the office right now) that we have more time.  - Hankies at the ready...  Zimbabwe sold all 250 tickets to their premiere and as the ticket price included the cost of planting a tree, 250 saplings are going in next week. They're thinking of calling it the Not Stupid Forest. 

6 days to go.... Radiohead fans crash Stupid server

Location | Mood | Date 16 September 2009
Hello,  Global Premiere going swimmingly... 

9 days to go... Welcome Italy, Iceland & Iran

Location | Mood | Date 13 September 2009
Hello from New York, 

Two weeks today and yesterday

Location | Mood | Date 8 September 2009
Hello from Stupid HQ, New York, There's way too many Global Premiere happenings happening - can't believe it's in only two weeks yesterday (USA) and today (rest of the world) - so I'm gonna resort to a list. Normal prose will resume next time, probably. exciting stuff 

Stupid launches in 50+ countries on 21st/22nd September

Location | Mood | Date 4 September 2009
Hello list,

Join us at Tate Modern for 10:10 launch today

Location | Mood | Date 1 September 2009
Welcome to a very big day for Team Stupid,

Meet you at Tate Modern this Tuesday

Location | Mood | Date 28 August 2009
Morning All,  The last 100 or so Stupid screenings have been enormously frustrating as I've been forced to answer the inevitable "But what can we do?" question with the most unsatisfying generalities. Oh how it hurts, seeing the disappointment on all those faces, whilst knowing we have the killer - or perhaps opposite of killer - answer up our sleeves. 

USA launch 21st Sept: tickets now on sale

Location | Mood | Date 23 August 2009
Hello from Hollywood (think I'm joking?), Hold on to your hats everybody.... there ain't no getting off the Stupid rollercoaster now... so take a deep breath and then take a look at this map of all the American cinemas who've signed up for the US launch on 21st September....  tickets for which are now on sale (see below).... oh my oh my... 

All happening downunder

Location | Mood | Date 17 August 2009
G'day from the Australian parliament of all places, Going to break our own rule and send two emails today. This one is a load of chitchat you're highly welcome to ignore and the next is the final info on the Oz/NZ premiere & cinema release which we're hoping you might be kind enough to pass on to all your Aussie and Kiwi pals. As ever, we have zero advertising budget.

Swine flu body bags & sensible science

Location | Mood | Date 4 August 2009
Hello,  It's a mixed Stupid bag this morning, as things are spiralling off - in a good way - in all directions.