One final batch of 15

Location | Mood | Date 30 November 2008
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Franny Armstrong
30 November 2008

Hi Insiders,

We're going to be releasing a final round of shares on Monday, but wanted to give you lovely lot the heads up in case any of you fancy owning a little more of the baby.

The reason we need more cash is because of the pioneering distribution deal we've negotiated. Usually the distributor would inject cash - to make the film prints, pay for advertising etc - but we felt that what they took in return was too harsh, so we would rather sell off some more equity, but keep a larger slice of the profits. Obviously we're making this up as we go along, but we're pretty sure it'll mean more money down the line for all our shareholders (investors and crew).

And of course we are not watering down your percentages, but taking this extra 1.5% from Spanner Films' slice of the pie.

There's going to be another 15 shares of 10K each up for grabs. They are going to be worth less  than the ones you already have, as obviously the risk is much less for anyone coming in at this stage than it was for those who believed in us when we said "we've got an idea for a film" back in 2004.

We're going to put the offer up on the website on Monday, so give us a shout before then if you'd like one (or more). First come first served.

See you