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Location | Mood | Date 6 February 2009
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Franny Armstrong
6 February 2009


Mild panic this afternoon as the trailer received a 15 rating, instead of the 12A we were expecting, because of Piers the windfarmer saying "I'm really f-BEEEEEEP-d off". Apparently a great big beep is not enough, as any mention of the F word has to be un-lipreadable as well as un-hearable. Could be a major problem, specially for the new interns who've been working hard to get the film into schools... Eek. But at least the notes from the rating dudes  cheered us up even more than my (homemade by Marks n Lizzie Spencers) birthday cake: "None of the other language you've noted (piss, bollocks, shit) would require obscuring at 12A. As for the image of a dead baby, there's really no telling for sure without seeing it, and seeing it in context.  But in itself, such an image would not be out of the question at 12A." Pretty hilarious that the complete annihilation of the human race is fine for under-15s, but an F word or two is just not on. Back to the post production studio, then, to add a black box over Piers's mouth and hope for the best.

We're off to Brussels on Tuesday as Caroline Lucas MEP (leader of the Green Party) is hosting a screening at the EU Parliament. She saw the film at a preview the other week: "I defy anyone to come out of the film and not feel like they have to make a difference. My colleagues and fellow politicians need to see the film - and they need to have the pressure of a massive campaign behind it - to make sure they really do make the most of the Copenhagen summit at the end of 2009 and really put society - put humanity - on the course for a safer, happier future." Watch the complete interview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84NMMpgbK_M

Onto a slightly sensitive issue... lots of you lovely investors are asking how you can get tickets for the premiere...  er... um.... we offered every investor their two free tickets to the big screening & party last May and I'm afraid we just don't have the space in the tent to invite everyone again. Having said that 1: if there's any investors who couldn't make it last May (last May!) give Lizzie a shout and she will sort you out two tickets to the opening week. Having said that 2: everyone will be able to buy tickets to their nearest cinema taking part in the "People's Premiere"... everything will be revealed on February 16th...

Moving on, those darling webboys have destroyed my reputation with one silent click of their trackpads, by signing me up to Facebook, oh the embarrassment. Strictly for Stupid promotion, you understand. Anyway, please all become my friends quickly so I'm not an outcast for long.
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Just on the tiny offchance that Facebook hasn't depressed you to the extent that you just threw your computer against a wall, there's some fun sceptic-baiting to be had on a Guardian blog about the new trailer:

Great article in Nature magazine today:  "[The film] largely avoids talking heads, lengthy BBC-accented voiceovers, and other stifling staples of many documentaries. The pace is taut and the portraits intimate and playful, with an eye for gem-like moments of absurdity." http://www.nature.com/climate/2009/0903/full/climate.2009.14.html

So just the four random requests this fine Friday evening:

1. We're looking for volunteers who live in or very near London, Belfast, Bristol, Inverness, Glasgow, Sheffield or Cardiff - ie the cities where the film is opening in week one -  and who have a fair bit of time between now and March 20 and would like to take responsibility for organising one or more events at a cinema in the opening week. Please contact daniel@ageofstupid.net if you're interested. Other cities should be joining that list in the next two weeks.

2. Does anyone in London have a half-decent car which can run on chip fat and which we could borrow on March 15th to take celebs to the premiere? (We'll be getting the chip fat from ChinaTown and distilling it properly, never fear)

3. We'd also love to borrow some very big plants (in pots) for the solar tent at the premiere. Anyone happen to have a load of them? Or a friend who runs a plant nursery? Or the keys to one of those ridiculously swanky offices with trees in the foyer?

4. Daniel's ever-expanding team of interns are leaving home and setting up their own temporary office in Women & Health's (of "one of our investors is a women's health centre" renown) garage.  Just for two months while we gear up to the launch, he'll be moving back in with us again after. They'd love to borrow two desks, two office chairs and any number of whiteboards if anyone has such things lying around. Please contact andym@ageofstupid.net

And finally, I saw Pete Postlethwaite in King Lear last night - it was my birthday, surely I can have one evening off? - and he was absolutely blinding. Obviously not as good as he is in some eco-documentary thing that's out soon, but still very, very brilliant. And even more so in the bar a few hours down the line, when he treated the stragglers to a repeat of some of the best speeches. There's still some tickets for some of the shows....  you'd be mad to miss it... http://www.youngvic.org/ticketing?production=2273

And that's today's news.

Over and out,
Franny & Maddy the cat