Permanently Stupid

Location | Mood | Date 1 January 1970
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Franny Armstrong
Bonjour de Paris, 
This week's most thrilling email: "I am a curator at the BFI [British Film Institute] National Film Archive and we are very keen to acquire a copy of The Age of Stupid for permanent preservation in the archive... The importance of the film's issues led to an instant selection decision." 
- Pause for enormity to sink in - 
We are now into our fourth consecutive week in the West End, which is causing Oli the distributor's desk to suffer from over-dancing. And the Prince Charles cinema has just confirmed four evening screenings this Friday, Sat, Sunday and Monday. So if you have any friends left in London who for some crazy reason still haven't seen it, this is probably their last chance. We've trying to swing some good speakers.
The not-complete-failure of our ludicrously ambitious People's Premiere has set our sights even higher for the rest of the World... Now we are planning: the Global Premiere. A Paris-based solar cinema tent - hopefully in July - linked by satellite to... wait for it... all of Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South Africa, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South America, Thailand and Russia. (USA/Canada and Australia/NZ are only missing as we have other plans for them.) Sounds absurd, I know, but we met up with the one-and-only company who could pull it off technically are they seem to think it's perfectly feasible (in fact, they're shortly doing a test-run with Iron Maiden). Hence me being in Paris wheeling and dealing. Ran the idea by our sales agents yesterday to much eyebrow raising. "It's impossible" was the immediate response, "you'd need twenty language versions for starters....". To which I of course replied: "We've already finished 32 languages, what's the next impossibility?". 
Which is almost true. Ten languages are completely finished - Slovak, Vietnamese, Finnish, Italian, Russian, Greek, Icelandic, Farsi, Korean & Czech - and 22 are well on the way. But we've just lost our French and Portuguese (Brazilian variety) checkers, so if any of you happen to be native speakers of either language and are in London and were up for spending half a day at the studio checking the subtitles, please contact Katie on The Korean translator wrote a cute blog about her experience which gives a clear idea of what you'd be letting yourself in for. 
- Heart-warming picture attached from Lizzie's recent trip to Norwich. 
- Nice poem about green shopping VS political action:
John Prescott (who I ignorantly didn't know was the UK's lead negotiator at Kyoto) summoned me for a private meeting down the Commons the other day. Was very entertaining - "I'll ask Gordon this afternoon", "Let me check with the Chinese president" - and he is full of exciting ideas about how he can use the film to leverage the right deal at Copenhagen. "Would you let me screen it to 40 heads of state, 30 ambassadors and 400 delegates?". Er, yes. 
A bientot,