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Franny Armstrong
17 April 2209
After five whole weeks, the Odeon West End has finally decided to stop screening Stupid. Bloody brilliant to get five consecutive weeks, but the extended run has slightly held us up.  We weren't allowed to announce competing plans while the movie was in the cinema - hence all the "please hang on" replies to all your emails asking when you can screen it. Anyhow, now we've finally been dropped, we can move on to... 
Here's the plan: 
- From today: Everyone anywhere in the UK can start organising their screenings for any date after May 22nd. Preferably May 22nd itself. Book the venues, tell your friends, stick up posters, hire the pedal powered popcorn machine. (Handy hints on how to set up a screening here)
- May 1st: Come to the Indie Screenings website to work out your license fee and book your screening DVD
- May 22nd: Launch of Indie Screenings with 50+ screenings round the country, including some very high profile and newsworthy locations. Followed by a live event in London at 9pm. So if you start your screening bang on 7.30pm, you'll be able to impress all your pals by smoothly segueing into the live internet debate and asking questions of the panellists, via email or text.
- Ever after: Anyone can screen wherever and whenever they like, from May 22nd, keeping the profits for their climate campaign or pocket
Not in the UK?
We will be launching global Indie Screenings after the Global Premiere in Paris in July. Please hang on till then. 

How much will it cost? 
Below are the guide prices, all in UK pounds. The exact figures will be worked out by our new software - on the website from May 1st - which cunningly calculates a bespoke fee according to all sorts of factors, including number of attendees and proposed location. 
- Individual in their front room/house party: 30-200
- Small, local campaign/faith/union group: 50-350
- Medium/large campaign/faith/union group: 100-500+
- International campaign/faith/union group: 300-1500+
- School: 100-400
- University/College: 150-600+
- Business (small): 100-500
- Business (medium/large): 250-800
- Business (multinational): 1000-50,000+
- Conference (small/medium): 100-800
- Conference (large): 1000-50,000+
- Festival (small): 100-500
- Festival (medium/large): 300-10,000+
- Government Dept / political party: 500-10,000+
Ozone layer?
Lizzie and I were blabbing away on the BBC World Service *for two hours* last night. Was pretty mind-blowing, taking questions from people literally all round the world - Beijing, Kenya, Nigeria, America, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong -  though not sure we were too good at doing the cheesy intros. Best bit was talking to the Nigerian Environment Minister, who was in a car on the side of the road in Lagos, and who got a bit confused about the difference between climate change and the ozone layer when I asked him how he can justify not stopping the illegal gas flares which waste 2.5 billion dollars worth of gas every year and are the biggest single cause of emissions in all of Africa. 
... and just in case we thought that wasn't crazy enough, today we have a photo shoot for..... Vogue. 
Desperately seeking Arabic and Bengali
Thanks so much for all the zillions of offers of French and Brazilian translation help. Those are well and truly covered now.  The very last two still needed are Arabic and Bengali. We're looking for native speakers who could come along to the DVD studio next week to check the subtitles. Please contact if you can help. 
Strike a pose,