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Franny Armstrong
4 August 2009

It's a mixed Stupid bag this morning, as things are spiralling off - in a good way - in all directions. 
Australia: half the premiere tickets gone in two days
Seems that one's public in Sydney are most enthusiastic at the thought of walking one's green carpet at one's solar--powered Sydney Theatre on Weds 19th  - half the 400 public tickets for the Age of Stupid glitzy premiere were snapped up in the first two days. Get in there quick if you fancy pretending you're a movie star and don't forget to wave "hello" to Pete P and me as we waltz by surrounded by heavies. 
Aussie & Kiwi teething problems 1: ticket booking
Apologies to anyone having trouble buying tickets for the Oz/NZ regional cinemas (some of whom will be watching the green carpet shenanigans live from Sydney & Auckland, but many of whom won't, unfortunately, as they don't have the right satellite gear) - we're all doing our best to get everything up and running but are battling against technology, holidays and timezones. (The Sydney and London teams are only working at the same time for about an hour each day, which makes everything 100 times more complicated.). Please hang in there and keep trying till you get the right tickets for the right cinema. Here's a  lovely email this morning from the cinema bookers to reassure you: "Nothing like this has ever really be done before - especially on such a huge global scale.  I think what you and everyone involved in London, Australia and everywhere else in the world has achieved is nothing short of spectacular, and I definitely think none of us should lose sight of that!" 
Aussie & Kiwi teething problems 2: Celeb

Our big name celeb pulled out because of a double booking. Shucks. So we're really in need of a replacement. Anyone married to Russell Crowe? Or went to school with Baz Luhrmann? Or babysit Kylie's nephews? 

Interns Needed 1: London
Not Stupid is looking for three tireless interns to pull off "the most exciting idea I've heard all year" (see below). Based at our Camden office - starting asap - at least one month commitment - food & travel expenses - apply by next Monday toharriet@1010uk.org - more info here
Interns Needed 2: New York
Meanwhile, Team Stupid New York are also looking for recruits. Lizzie's new best friends Eric and Lenny (see pic) from the satellite broadcast company which will be transmitting our 21st September shenanigans out to the world have only gone and donated us a great big office at their production studios. "Would be pleased to have you and your team as houseguests this summer." How extremely lovely are they? It's just Lizzie, Nevette and Dara in there so far, but Rhiannon, Tom and I will be joining them shortly and then we're in need five more pairs of hands. Should be a rollercoaster ride and a half, if the London premiere was anything to go by (that was just the one country, this is 45... that was arrivals by public transport, this is boats... that was one language, this is 25...). Dates: Aug 20 -> Sep 22nd or so. Apply to intern@ageofstupid.net by end of 9th August.  More details here.
Team Stupid Web Dept in need of a flash developer
Give mal@ageofstupid.net a shout if you're a London based flash developer in need of a low paid job in a cramped office. 

Sensible Science Museum 
At last I have made my 5-year-old nephew proud... the science museum have announced a new climate change exhibition called... wait for it... The Age of Sensible. Ha ha. Personally I reckon The Age of Sense of The Age of Clever would be better, but we are most certainly not complaining. 

Diagnosis: Stupid
We launched the NHS-Stupid partnership in style the other day, with a live webcast featuring the National Director of Primary Care, the Editor of the British Medical Journal, the Director of NHS Bristol and other luminaries. And me. Now anyone who works for the NHS can screen The Age of Stupid for free (on NHS property). They've got 1.8 million staff or something ludicrous. Details and watch the webcast here
Make a short film about climate change
Personally I wouldn't recommend making a film about climate change, it can lead to all sorts of trouble.... But anyhow, the Guardian have teamed up with WeCAN to launch their 1 Minute to Save the World film competition. Apparently I'm one of the judges. 
Watch a hilarious film about climate change
Obviously there is only one top climate change documentary in 2009.... but I have to admit that The Yes Men Change the World may just pip Stupid to the post on the laughs-a-minute front. They are the naughty people who pretended to be Dow apologising for the Bhopal catastrophe on BBC Worldwide and knocked a few billion of Dow's shares price a few years back. In fact, that whole escapade is in the film, as is "Halliburton's" solution to surviving runaway climate change: survivaballs. Couldn't recommend their film more highly. They're doing a satellite live event thingy in 20 cinemas across the UK on August 11, which will no doubt be full of all kinds of mischief. And the film is on at the Odeon Panton Street in London on August 7-13. Full screening times and dates here: http://www.theyesmenfixtheworld/screenings
Buy a bit of wind turbine, UK
Stupid investors Rob & Liz are part of a “crowd funding” renewable energy scheme, where you can buy a stake in a wind turbine for between £250 to £20,000:
Buy a bit of wind turbine, Italy
Meanwhile in Italy, there's a new "adopt a kw" initiative where cooperatives are coming together to build their own solar, wind, or hydroelectric power plants: http://www.solarecollettivo.it/
"The most exciting idea I've heard all year" 
Dan and I pitched the secret climate campaign idea (you remember - the one which was launching in July, but is now definitely set for September 1st) to an advertising agency which just might get it onto billboards across the land. Started off fairly intimidatingly with "I can't tell you how many tedious climate campaigns we've had through these doors" and ended with "That is the most exciting idea I've heard all year". Yahey. Methinks they might just do it.... Four weeks to get us onto billboards... how hard can it be? 

Swine flu body bag tags
A funny thing happened the other day. You remember we bought the old 747, attached? (Thanks again for the loan Matthew). Well it's now at the blacksmiths forge being being turned into X. The dude who runs the place is taking our "don't tell anyone the plan" instructions very seriously and so all his employees have no idea what these strange things they are making are. Most amusing guess so far: body bag tags for swine flu victims. 
Gotta go. I'm off to meet the boss of a very famous and completely perfect Central London landmark in the hope he will agree that we can launch Top Secret round his place on 1st September. Better get on my bike. Speaking of which: arrived at the advertising agency yesterday and made a pointless comment to the receptionist along the lines of "it's very hot out there on a bike" to which she replied "What, really? You came on a bicycle? Do people do that?"
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