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Location | Mood | Date 25 April 2009
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Daniel Vockins
25 April 2009

Evening all,

There's a bloody great tent and banks of solar panels in Leicester Square. How on earth did someone get permission for something so outlandish?!?? See pics attached.

Note also: sunshine.

Sorry we haven't made this totally clear - lots of people have been asking - but anyone not in the UK will be able to watch the green carpet shenanigans live on our website: But not the whole film obviously. There's also a live event in Second Life:

Hilarious video of our hardy volunteers collecting free newspapers, making logs and blagging cooking oil from chippies. All in the name of keeping our total emissions down.

Some pics from the junket attached too: Pete is being interviewed by Channel 4's Krishnan Guru-Murthy, who arrived glamourously on the back of a motorbike straight from reading the lunchtime news.


Dan writes: Right now, there are over 15,000 posters across London, we've handed out 50,000 flyers, written to over 600 local groups, made over 500 telephone calls, organised 122 speakers across the country from over 100 seperate organisations and have been on/in nearly every single national media outlet. Not bad going for an advertising budget of £3k.

So, what's the upshot?  

SOLD-OUT: Bath, The Eden Project, Exeter, Leeds Light, Liverpool, Fincley Road, Islington, Empire - Leicester Square, Prince Charles - Leicester Square, Solar Tent, Shepards Bush, Maidenhead, Norwich, Oxford

NEARLY THERE: Aberdeen, Lincoln, Acton, Newcastle - Star City, Edinburgh Ocean, Harrow, Inverness, Portsmouth, Romford, Greenwich, Guilford, Kingston, Tunbridge Wells, Wimbledon, Birmingham, Bristol Longwell, Cambridge, Enniskillen, Exeter, Glasgow (GFT), Manchester, Milford Haven, Naul, Co.Dublin, Newry Film Club, Plymouth, Reading

NEED PUSHING: Hatfield, Swindon, York, Watford, Staines, Cheshire Oaks, Croydon Purley Way, Leeds Kirkstall, Leicester, Newcastle-Under-Lime, Preston, Southport, Hatfield, Cardiff, Tyneside, Portaoise, Co. Laois, Romford, Swindon

NEED SERIOUS PUSHING: Blackburn, Bury, Carlisle, Livingston, Scunthorpe, Staines, Braehead, Hatfield, Wigan, Tinahely

Our last request from you? Please make one last push to get people along to the sites that aren't sold out. Send that text, make the phone call, talk to your long lost friend and get them to come along. It could make all of the difference in the world (sold out sites are already re-booking the film).  

Thanks for all of your fantastic support in the run-up to this record breaking event! Having just seen the satellite broadcast rehearsal, I can tell you it's going to be unforgettable...  



The Scotsman: "ingenuity, quick-thinking and sheer nous" 
Radio 5 Live: I'll be blabbing on at about 9.15pm tonight

See you all tomorrow,