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Location | Mood | Date 19 November 2009
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Franny Armstrong
19 November 2009

Hello, We're making individual web pages for the 1000-odd people who've worked on Stupid and our other films over the years (that's the "more than 1,000" people, not the "1,000 weirdos") during the web blitz this weekend. If you've helped out in any way - from funders to lawyers to translators to flyer-giving-out-volunteers - and would like to be included, email by 6am this Saturday morning (don't bother sending in afterwards as it will fall into a cyber black hole). If you already have a page and would like to update it, this is your chance too. We'd also love to hear from people who have held successful screenings (B) or changed their lives after seeing the film (C). Thanks v much - both for helping us and for sending the info.

Rest assured that I've been thoroughly flaggelated for accidentally sending a big photo as an attachment on the last message, so no need to send any more stern emails.

Here's a heart-warmer for you.... in an English city called Stoke on Trent, which was previously famous only for producing Robbie Williams, something rather large and rather wonderful has happened. The police force, fire brigade, NHS primary care trust, university, Chamber of Commerce, half a dozen schools, a couple of churches, several local companies, the radio station, Port Vale Football Club, the Mothers' Union, some allotment associations and the Burslem Bible Centre have all got together and signed up to 10:10. Meaning they are going to cut the whole city's emissions by 10% next year. Wahey, go Stoke. First 10:10 city.

And in other good news, Stupid is officially not going to go bankrupt, thanks to all you extremely kind people who have bought 17 of my 20 shares. The wobbly pile of invoices is disappearing before our very eyes... But that does leave three sad, rejected shares, a snip at 5,000 pounds each... Would be rude to leave those three all alone, don't you reckon? Info here and then contact our moneyman on if you are able to give a share a happy home.

Several people wrote asking about whether they can buy one as a group/syndicate. The answer is yes, but we only make the payment into one back account (cos we are already making 350+ bank transfers and each one costs a fair bit), so you would have to nominate one person to receive your money once a year and then share it out amongst you. Again, can answer any questions.

Meanwhile, our live-from-Copenhagen-web-TV-thing, The Stupid Show, is also looking a lot healthier than this time last week, as it has raised 7, 238 from more than 100 individual donations. There's still plenty of Internet Upgrades and Not Stupid certificates to be sponsored if anyone would like to contribute to our plan to make Copenhagen comprehendable to ordinary mortals. Thank you kindly.

Here's a funny story about someone who went out to buy shoes, ended up watching Stupid and had a bit of an epiphany.

Our Olympic-rowing friend, Roz Savage, is setting off to, er, walk to Copenhagen "carrying inflatable Earth Balls on our backs, and getting people en route to sign them as petitions". Wave them off from Big Ben at 10am tomorrow (Nov 20).

A new campaign, led by Xena Warrior Princess and some stripping super-models (?), called Love Letters to the Future, asks people to contribute messages to the "super hi-tech time capsule including data encoded in a format intended to be readable at least 500 years into the future". Gotta be worth a punt, if only to give your great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren a laugh at your olde Englishe.

And, finally, if anyone's reading this sitting at their office desk fantasising about finding their dream job, McDonald's are looking for an Assistant Manager at their branch in Guantanamo Bay.

See you Franny