Today we launch our new short film, PIE NET ZERO, which is a taster of a much bigger idea. An idea so big, in fact, that should we succeed in pulling it off, I will be spending the rest of  my life working on it. Lordy. 

But here’s the problem: we can't take the idea to broadcasters and/or crowd-funders yet, not till we’ve got it absolutely right. Which means several months more research and development work, preferably with more people on the team (there's only me-and-a-half at the moment). So how to survive the next few months? 
Is there anyone out there who’s terrified about climate change, loves our previous work and wants to help make this happen, even though you don't know what "this" is? 
Could you support us with a one-off or - even better - a regular donation?
Any amount would be enormously appreciated. 
Thanks for considering, 
Onwards and upwards, 
Franny Armstrong
24th January 2020 
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