Famous People Quotes

Ed Begley, Jr.


"The Age Of Stupid is the most powerful, well-researched and emotional films that I have seen in recent memory. The choice is ours, do we listen to the message it so clearly lays out, or ignore it, at our peril. I can only pray that we have the wisdom to make the right choice. Thank you!"
Ed Begley, Jr.

"I thought the Age of Stupid was an incredibly powerful account of the effects of climate change, the urgency, of climate change and the reasons we must act as quickly as possible."

Ed Miliband, UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

 Bill Nicholson


"I hate this film. I felt as if I was watching all my own excuses for not doing anything about climate change being stripped away from me. And it's tender and funny and wise as well.Can I just pretend I never saw it?"

William Nicholson, Oscar-nominated writer of Shadowlands and Gladiator 


"Every single person in the country should be forcibly made to watch this film".

Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London

 Gillian Anderson New

"I was nodding to myself all the way through, thinking 'How can I reduce my flights?, 'Can I install a wind turbine at home?'. It is definitely going to change my life. It was so powerful and so moving I wanted it to go on for another hour." 

Gillian Anderson, actress

 Caroline Lucas

"I defy anyone to come out and not feel like they've got to make a difference."

Caroline Lucas, Leader of the UK Green Party

 Ashok Sinha Revsd

"It is not a film to make you happy. It's a film to make you sit back and think 'What is my role on this planet?'" -

Ashok Sinha, Director of Stop Climate Chaos coalition 

 Mark Lynas

"The most powerful piece of cultural discourse on climate change ever produced."

Mark Lynas, author of "Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet"


"Everyone keeps emailing me about Stupid and saying 'you MUST see this!' So thanks for letting me feel smug."

Dr Scilla Elworthy, three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee

 Will Hutton

"It's amazing. Hats off to you all, what a work of passion.

Absolutely fabulous".

Will Hutton, Chief Executive of the Work Foundation


 George Monboit

"It is a captivating and constantly surprising film: the first successful dramatisation of climate change to reach the big screen".

George Monbiot, journalist & author

Rebecca Frayn

"Age of Stupid is a totally awesome, truly MONUMENTAL achievement.  Terrifying - and yet exciting because as a propaganda tool it distills everything so powerfully into one rocket charged 90 min viewing."

Rebecca Frayn, Film Director

 Andy Harries

"Thanks for inviting me to see your film which i thought was very well made and an  important and courageous piece of film making. The message of the film is very  tough and  its hard not to leave the cinema with a heavy heart.Well done on committing to it and making it happen against I imagine impossible odds. I really hope it has the impact it should and contributes to the future of the world!"

Andy Harries , Producer 'The Queen''

"This wonderful film is like a bucket of cold water. I hope it wakes people from their slumber and helps galvanise real pressure on politicians to come up with an effective deal at the Copenhagen climate change summit."

Tony Juniper, former head of Friends of the Earth

Richard Curtis

 "We also have to seriously try and move [Obama] in the right direction.... I think he should watch this new documentary that's come out called 'The Age of Stupid'. Just to make sure that while everyone's worrying about the financial crisis they don't forget about the huge issue that's going to make us all look stupid if it's not dealt with, which is the environment."

Richard Curtis CBE,  Writer, Television producer