Free tickets for the revolution 7/5/2009

Morning from California,

We quietly opened up our Indie Screenings website a couple of days ago and, before we knew it, had 57 screenings booked. Unbelievable. Including 12 campaign groups, 11 holy faith groups, 9 sporty sports groups, 7 trade unions, 6 schools-a-schooling, 5 businesses, 4 individuals, 2 student unions, 1 local council and a partridge in a pear tree

Sadly, the partridge had to cancel, but we're ecstatic that it looks like as though this might actually be a viable model for independent film distribution... Lots of indie filmmakers end up having to get proper jobs because they can't generate enough income from their films to keep going.... this could just be the answer to all of our problems. (At the moment it's just Age of Stupid on Indie Screenings, but we'll be opening up to other indie films soon, obviously including McLibel and Drowned Out.)

If any of you lovely people on here haven't yet set up your screening for launch day - May 22nd - please head over to the website ( and book one in. If booking a conference hall is too much like hard work, how about screening in your front room to 10 friends and neighbours? Or at your kids' school? Or in a local bookshop or church? Please also forward the attached flyer to all your pals, obviously emphasising the fact that this is an opportunity for them to not only get all their friends up to speed on climate change, but also make a few quid for themselves. We're aiming for 100 screenings on day one, to really kick off with with a bang. Flyer with details attached or see the Guide To Setting Up A Screening on the website. It works like this: our cunning software works out a license fee according to whether you're Shell or Brent FOE, you pay that and order a DVD, you arrange your screening, charge for tickets and keep the cash for your climate campaign or pocket. (BTW, if you are an investor or crew member, don't book your screening just yet as you'll shortly be getting a separate email with a special offer.)

If you can arrange your screening to start bang on 7pm, then at 8.30pm you can go online to join in the live interactive debate from the Royal Society of Arts in London (set up your projector so it can first play the DVD and then after the film finishes, plug in a laptop with internet access). It'll be George Monbiot (eco hero), Richard Betts (head of climate impacts at the MET Office) and me, plus we'll have an exclusive new video from the Vice-President of the Maldives, Dr. Mohammed Waheed Hassan, who will be updating us on how they're getting on with their plans to go carbon neutral.

The RSA has 200 free tickets for people to attend the live event. They announced them on their website yesterday and they've almost all gone, so hurry hurry if you'd like to be there: visit or email

American adventures going so well that I have no time to write about them, but here's a few tasters:

Off to LA tomorrow for 4 days, then Denver, New York, Boston and Washington.

See you
San Franny