Franny "most innovative or interesting"?

Date 27th Sep 2008

According to, "The British Thunderclap Award was set up to find and publicly recognise the director who, as voted by you the British film audience, is producing the most innovative or interesting work in British independent film.

Be it in features, shorts, documentaries or fiction, we aim to reward the director who so clearly stamps his or her own individual identity, creativity and vision on an independent film....

The winner of the British Thunderclap Award 2008 will receive the title "British Thunderclap Award, Best Director 2008", the British Thunderclap Award statuette and the opportunity to join the panel of next years award."

For some reason there appears to be seven nominees for this award and we have to go through charade of voting.

To vote all you have to do is email "Franny Armstrong" as the subject of an email to "" - or follow the link on