Countdown to copenhagen

Date 13th Mar 2009


Nothing focuses the mind on the importance of a particular deadline like a massive clock with foot-high bright red glowing numerals that mercilessly counts down to zero, one implacable second at a time (thanks, lovely Graham from London Electronics who actually built the the thing, and our mate Maria Padget who did all the research and development). Countdowns to important deadlines are already occuring elsewhere in the world of climate change campaigning, not least on the front page of our website, as we struggle to supress the rising panic of the People's Premiere - as I write this, only 1 day, 18 hours and 51 minutes to go. Make that 50.

Copenhagen, though, is the all-important political deadline in this scenario. If the world's politicians cannot manage to agree that humanity should have a future at the climate talks in December, we will all be left wondering who exactly it is that these leaders really represent...

In the meantime, back in the Stupid Batcave, we'll be keeping our eye on the clock. You can't really miss it.