Happy 10th Birthday Stupid

Date 15th Mar 2019

Exactly 10 years to the day since its solar-powered, green-carpet, Guinness World record-breaking premiere in London’s Leicester Square The Age of Stupid is re-released on March 15th 2019 on BBC, Amazon Prime, iTunes and Google Play.

By a beautiful bit of serendipity, March 15th 2019 is also the day of the very first GLOBAL schools strike.

The AGE OF STUPID will be broadcast on BBC4 in the next few weeks (exact date TBC), and is available now on iTunes, Amazon Prime (in English French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese) and Google Play. 

To celebrate the re-release - and to commiserate the fact that we are still heading for the disaster dejected in the film - Spanner Films has made a new 10 minute short film, WHAT IF? Written and directed by Stupid director Franny Armstrong - and with many of the original film crew returning to work on it - the film stars the late Pete Postlethwaite, Ed Miliband, Jon Snow, Jonathan Pie, Jack Harries, Tamsin Allen, Chris Packham and Caroline Lucas as inhabitants of a planet uncannily like Earth in which the people are doing everything they can to stop climate change. More details here. Who knew our politicians were such good actors?

Also released for the 10th anniversary is a new film, THE RETURN OF THE AGE OF STUPID, made by the Guardian’s video team. Stupid’s director Franny Armstrong revisits the places and people in the film and asks: what’s changed in the last ten years?