Superhero Wanted

Date 21st Apr 2009

JOB OFFER: Web-minded Project Leader for Not Stupid campaign

Deadline extended to May 10th

We're looking for a technically-minded and highly strategic project leader to keep our super-creative but slightly deadline-shy team on track. You will be overseeing the on-time delivery of a range of revolutionary (no, really) web projects over the year across our four sites  -,,, -  including our Indie Screenings software (let's anyone anywhere buy a bespoke license to hold their own screening), the Matchmaker (hooking up inspired viewers with suitable action groups), The Copenhagen Sprint (layperson's guide to the Copenhagen climate summit), Stupid Certificates (funny awards for people doing bad stuff) and loads of other absurdly ambitious projects. There's also a vast number of non-web-based projects that will be vying for your attention.
Working closely with the Campaign Director, Franny Armstrong, and Campaign Coordinator, Daniel Vockins, you will manage a full-time team of two and a half web boys and two campaigners, plus numerous volunteers and interns bought in to work on specific projects, as well as liasing with various outside companies who provide specific web services. Plus you'll be responsible for overseeing the maintenance of our mailing lists, domains, server, back-ups and all the rest of it. But, don't worry, you won't need to reconfigure the DNS yourself, just understand what it is, why it's not working and who should fix it.
You will be primarily working from our office in Camden, London, alongside the other five members of the core team. Plus there will no doubt be a fair bit of travelling: definitely to Copenhagen in December and possibly to New York in Sept/Oct.
Required Skills
- Project management, leadership, self-discipline and humour in the face of absurd amounts of work
Useful skills
- In-depth knowledge of climate change an advantage
- Experience in a small campaigning organisation and/or small production company very handy
- Missing a right back for our 5-a-side football team...
Job Details
- Contract: Eight months, fixed term contract, with a one month trial on both sides
- Full time
- Starting: Three months ago would have been ideal.... so as soon as possible.
- Ending: Probably Dec 31st 2009, though we may extend the campaign for another year
- Salary: 30,000 UK pounds inc tax
- Own fast laptop essential.
More Info
- The film:
- The UK People's Premiere:  Channel 4 news (video), Sky News (video), The Guardian (photo gallery), Evening Standard (photo gallery), Reuters (article).
- The campaign:
- The revolutionary distribution system:
To apply
- Send cover letter and CV to, along with:
-->> a description of the most complicated project you have delivered on time and on budget
- Deadline: EXTENDED TO MAY 10TH
- Please don't call