People's Premiere: Word of Mouth

Date 17th Mar 2009

word of mouth

So, a couple of months ago the UK Film Council quietly gave us a £100,000 Print and Advertising Fund loan in order to make the People's Premiere happen. Which was scary but brilliant, and has meant that we were actually able to fulfil the vision for an INclusive, totally green and absolutely massive high-profile launch. Part of our agreement with the UKFC entailed our distributors, Dogwoof, commissioning a professional exit poll to gauge how audiences felt about the film after watching it for the first time.

The results are pretty extraordinary, and can be seen in full, below - but here are the amazing headline figures for your enjoyment:

  • 98% of viewers liked it! of which:

  • 56% rated Stupid as Excellent

  • 31% rated Stupid as Very good

  • 11% rated Stupid as Good

  • 2% rated Stupid as Fair

Nobody said it was Poor!

  • 98% said they would recommend Stupid to their friends

Furthermore, how do you reckon most people heard about the film?

  • 75% Word of mouth!

Conclusion: It's working people, it's really really working.


 exit poll 1

exit poll 2

exit poll 3

exit poll 4

exit poll 5

exit poll 6