Star Wars alter-egos

Location Spanner office | Mood Confident | Date 31 March 2006
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Franny Armstrong
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All windows rattling in the wind. Really should get a wee turbine.
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31 March 2006
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Crude structure in post-it notes on office wallCrude structure in post-it notes on office wallHave spent the last five days with David The Editor and a huge pile of multi-coloured post-it notes working out Crude's overall structure, animation sequences and narrative arcs for each character. One of my very favourite parts of making a doc. Feel much, much better now it all seems a lot more possible.

We somehow got into the habit of referring to all our characters as their Star Wars alter-egos, which worked surprisingly well and convinces me even further that they're all going to work together to make a coherent whole.

Luke Skywalker - Piers and Lisa (windfarms)
Han Solo - Jeh (Indian airline)
Jedi Knights - Nigerian rebels (next to be found)
Obi Wan Kenobi - Fernand Pareau (old man of mountains)
Princess Leah - Iraqi refugee girl (yet to be found)
Darth Vader - Big Oil boss (yet to be found)
The Force - The Force, of course

David also came up with the either brilliant or awful idea of making an animated character of The Dark Side, so the animation bits will not just be infospots à la tedious documentaries from school.

Not sure if this is good news or not, but David reckons that, with his 15 years' experience editing documentaries, Crude has the most complicated structure of any documentary ever.