The Farm

Post-production facility
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The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
Two very intensive months - sometimes taking over the whole building, bringing dogs with them
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Bike - only sane way to get round Soho
Memorable moment:
Nigel staying up literally all night to finish the sound mix, then going straight to the crew screening and on to the party
Scared of:
Technical meltdown
Planning to spend profits on:
Supporting more indie productions

Over six intense weeks, The Farm boys and girls slapped our low-budget documentary around until it came out looking like a Hollywood blockbuster. They un-wobbled wobbly shots, recorded and mixed Pete's final voiceover, gave humans human-coloured skin, presided over more than 25 voiceover artists (some providing only one line, but still needing tea and chitchat), placed Taiyo's computer interface on top of Pete, inputted ten squillion archive shots (all of different formats), spent two whole weeks adding sound effects (has any film ever needed sci-fi explosions, kiddie animation effects, drama reverb, atmospheres from India, Nigeria, UK & America, as well as hurricanes, oil rigs and eight different styles of music before?), brushed Lizzie out of quite a few shots and typed out more than 500 credits (crowd-funding bites back). All of which they did with impeccable good humour and superior chocolate biscuits. For almost no money. If you are a filmmaker in London you would be insane to do your post-production anywhere else.

Franny's dad nipped into the studio on the last day before the crew screening and whipped out a pretty hilarious quick report:


The Farm Group is London's leading independent post production group. It's companies include The Farm, The Shed, Home and Uncle for television and film post production. These facilities are based in Soho in the centre of London with Uncle being located on Wood Lane in White City. The facilities offered range from high definition post production for feature films and television, digital post production for television, commercials, music promos and DVD encoding. Each company is top of its sector because of fabulous creative and production staff, new equipment and first class service. Won Broadcast Award for Best Production House in 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2006.

Stuff done:

  • The Trap, by Adam Curtis
  • Party Animals
  • The Trial of Tony Blair