Any ideas for film stars?

Old French mountain guide with great-grandkids

We've accidentally lost one of our characters for Crude. Well, he was a bit too similar to one of the others, so we've decided to replace him. We're having trouble coming up with a good alternative, so thought we'd run it by you kind people. Any suggestions much appreciated.

See you on the climate change march tomorrow? (One of our characters is going along, so we're filming him and his family)

Thanks v much.

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The story: climate change in the Alps.
The issues:
- Melting glaciers (80% already gone!), skiing disruption, permafrost disappearing, local businesses in trouble. The character we are replacing is the Mayor of a ski resort in trouble (but not going bankrupt yet). One of the problems with him is that he was a second-hand observer of climate change
- very good at talking about the problems, but not really personally affected.
Ideas so far:
- A mountain guide (exciting. goes to lots of places, so we could see all the different problems. good comedy value with American/Japanese tourists)
- A ski village closing due to lack of snow (hard to find/predict)
- A paramedic/mountain rescue (exciting. but no obvious excuse for them to be talking about climate change, unlike mountain guide)
- A snow-making machine company whose business is booming
- Scientist studying the problems (boring/seen it before)
- Engineer mending cable cars (all falling over because of permafrost melting)