Kat Gillett

Production Assistant
crew - Kat Gillett
London, UK
The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
1 year
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Original connection:
Lizzie Gillett
Memorable moment:
Crying while transcribing Richard Heinberg's interview - ridiculous!
Scared of:
Being hit in the face by a football
Guilty of:
Eating too many cookies


Kat Gillett swam across the ocean from a small country (yes, its own country) in April 2006. She has immersed herself in London Life, living in the heart of a bustling Chalk Farm estate (the housing kind, not the country kind). Kat has worked on various theatre projects since moving to the UK, including "Love and Human Remains" at The Warehouse Theatre. She is currently juggling working on two theatre projects bound for Edinburgh with Erica Fee Productions and being one of the Crude minions.

Kat enjoys short runs around Camden, candlelight wine drinking and watching Arsenal lose despite playing the best damn football in Europe.

Stuff done:

  • The Collector, 2007: "Images will recure in your nightmares for years to come"
  • Mrs Bob Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge, 2006: An outrageous dark comedy based on A Christmas Carol
  • Love and Human Remains, 2006: This cult classic takes a long hard look at sex, love and anxiety
  • Bystander, 2004: A stylised investigation into the inner workings of the average human being's mind