Stupid storms schools

Date 28th Oct 2009

The Age of Stupid Schools Pack launches 27th October 2009

After six months hard labour, our friends over at ActionAid proudly present Stupid or Not? Education for a Smarter Planet. 

Head straight to ActionAid's website to get your copy. Or if you can persuade your school to sign up to 10:10 (ie commit to cut their emissions by 10% next year), then your school can get a free copy here.  Well, the first 1,000 schools can and 700 or something have already gone, so hurry hurry.

Here's the blarb:

A new multimedia resource on climate change for learners aged 12+ supporting geography, science, citizenship and film studies.
•    Exclusive film clips and animations from The Age of Stupid film
•    Documentary on the Making of the Age of Stupid
•    14 story cards with engaging photos
•    Activity booklet with lesson ideas and activities such as role plays and fun activities like a stupidometer

Kids sign up their schools to 10:10 at the launch of the
schools pack at the Guardian offices yesterday

Author Anthony Horowitz - one of 10:10's biggest fans - describes
how the flooding of his house convinced him to start acting
on climate change and how a little rearranging of his promotional
schedule meant he could cut 4 flights

Kids show off their Stupid-inspired artwork.
The quote says "We knew how to profit but not to protect",
Fernand Pareau's final thought in the film

Franny Armstrong and Anthony Horowitz cook up the greatest
ever competition prize to raise cash for 10:10. No, really it is,
wait till you hear...