Adrian Windisch

ENGINEER campaigner trustee
Big ben
Day job:
ENGINEER campaigner trustee
Dream job:
Im already doing it
Time on the job:
1 day
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Original connection:
campaigner, premiere
Memorable moment:
Scared of:
filling in forms
Guilty of:
Planning to spend profits on:
other green campaigns


I am a member of environmental building organisations and I've helped build three straw bale buildings in Oxford and the Brighton Earthship. I have worked in a rural Tanzania with volunteers to build a school and I'm a member of RedR - engineers for disaster relief.

Adrian Windisch MSc BEng has lived in Reading since 2000. He is Chair of Reading Green Party and has been the candidate in several local elections and a General Election in Reading. Adrian Says: "I believe we can achieve a sustainable future and I am doing everything I can to change my life and encourage others to do the same in order to achieve this. I lead the campaign against the closure of Battle Hospital to build a Tesco, and I'm the director of Sunseed, an environmental charity doing research and educating volunteers.

Stuff done:

  • stood in elections, written letters, blogs, youtube, twitter etc
  • written a review of the age of stupid