Tim Nicholson

Oxford, UK
Day job:
Chartered Surveyor/Sustainability Consultant/Campaigner
The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
30 seconds to write my cheque
Original connection:
Introduced by the Climate Outreach Information Network
Why did you get involved?:
Best film I had seen on climate change
Memorable moment:
Inviting my friend who works for Shell to come and see a sneak preview
Scared of:
Guilty of:
Having a philosophical belief in climate change
Planning to spend profits on:
Legal fees
Will we save ourselves now we have the chance?:
I hope so but fear not


On our journey across the world from Oxford, England, to Oxford, New Zealand, we stayed with people living underground to escape the heat in Tunisia, experienced the terrible flooding in Bombay and stayed on a farm in South Australia where they struggle to crow crops due to the drought. In New Zealand we stayed at the Eco Inn where they use solar PV, solar thermal, micro hydro, micro wind, river water for washing and rain water for drinking. Once back in the UK we joined COIN and learnt much more about climate change. After reading HEAT by George Monbiot we gave up flying and changed our jobs to focus on the environment.