Kristin Henry

U.S. Campaign Strategist
Silk Hope, NC
Day job:
Senior Social Media Strategist, Working Films
Dream job:
Natural builder
The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
3 months
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Original connection:
Working Films
Why did you get involved?:
We believe in The Age of Stupid and its enormous potential to move audiences to action.
Memorable moment:
Lizzie updating me that Moveon was officially on board for the U.S. release.
Scared of:
Guilty of:
Will we save ourselves now we have the chance?:
Of course!


Kristin Henry is a grassroots organizer and new media activist. She is the Senior Social Media Strategist at Working Films (, a non-profit that connects documentaries to cutting edge activism. Kristin joined Working Films in 2004 and has since planned and coordinated national audience engagement campaigns, facilitated cross-organizational partnerships, consulted with filmmakers on outreach strategy, and developed and led social media strategy for film campaigns and the organization. She has recently worked with The Age of Stupid and No Impact Man to develop campaign strategy for their releases in Fall 2009. Additional major film campaigns she has led include The Appalachians (PBS), Beyond Deadline (Hallmark Channel) youth initiative, Every Mother's Son (POV/PBS), Everything's Cool (Sundance Channel), Mountain Justice Film Festival, Rain in a Dry Land (POV/PBS), The Real Dirt on Farmer John (ITVS/PBS), The Way We See It (PBS), and What's On Your Plate?

Kristin is also a co-founder of Circle Acres, a radical living and farming collective located southwest of Chapel Hill, NC and the co-founder of Be Your Own Hero, a D.I.Y. empowerment collective.