Paulo Ferreira

Portuguese subtitle proof reader
London, UK
Day job:
Freelance Portuguese Teacher
Dream job:
The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
Just one day
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Bus or tube
Original connection:
I got sent an email by my friend Gabby, saying the production company needed people to check the Portuguese subtitles
Why did you get involved?:
I wanted to be involved in making the message of The Age of Stupid available in Portuguese-speaking countries
Planning to spend profits on:
No profit, but hopefully some good karma
Will we save ourselves now we have the chance?:
I am hoping that we, as a species, are much like a student who does their school project last-minute but always lucks out at the end


A native of São Paulo, I have lived in London for over six years. At the moment I teach group and one-to-one classes of Brazilian Portuguese. I'm currently carrying out a study comparing request strategies in Brazilian and European Portuguese as a final-year project for my BA in Applied Linguistics (Birkbeck, Univ. of London). If you live in London and need a Portuguese teacher/tutor, please drop me a line.