Karen Robinson

Photographer - UK
crew - Karen Robinson
Islington, London
Time on the job:
5 years listening, 1 day's work
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Ford Focus, sorry
Original connection:
Met Franny in an Indian prison in 1999
Memorable moment:
Pretending not to know Franny & Lizzie while taking photos of Poddington Town Council meeting
Scared of:
Franny injecting drugs into my posterior two days running
Guilty of:
High mileage driving round UK taking portraits for The Observer


Karen Robinson is a freelance photographer based in London. Her portraits and reportage have been widely published in newspapers and magazines worldwide, including the Observer, Guardian Weekend, the Independent, the Times, Vogue, Marie Claire, Stern, Der Spiegel and Greenpeace International magazine.

Her interest in environmental issues has led to work on high-profile campaigns with organisations such as Oxfam and Action Aid. Her reportage has covered topics such as the displacement of the Adivasi people by India’s Narmada Dam project, global warming in Alaska, and child labour in India’s cotton industry. She has also been commissioned by the Ford Foundation to cover community based projects in Nicaragua and central America.

Commercial work – Karen shot the 2006 national Waitrose Campaign, photographing various food producers in their natural surroundings.

Karen is a member of Panos Pictures, an independent agency representing photojournalists worldwide whose work documents issues and areas that are underreported, misrepresented or ignored. (www.panos.co.uk)