Can't ignore Nigeria

Location Healthy Eating Cafe in Camden | Mood Preparing for long battle ahead | Date 11 October 2005
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Franny Armstrong
Healthy Eating Cafe in Camden
Preparing for long battle ahead
"Do you have gluten-free biscuits?", "Two skinny decaf lattes"
Football knee hurting after fairly long cycle
11 October 2005
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How can we possibly do justice to this subject?
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Oil shale could be the final character

Two good thoughts from "The End of Oil" conference today.

1. The problem is: how do we market austerity?
2. We've all been campaigning to change different parts of this unequal world for decades. So the fact that the twin problems of peak oil and climate change are going to force us to change the whole set-up, is actually a fantastic opportunity to get it right this time. And, surprise surprise, many of the current problems would be eradicated by a new society based on the principle that every person is equal and has an equal right to use the planet's resources.

Also bumped into John Vidal - Guardian enviro editor & McLibel book author - at the conference and had excellent discussion over lunch. He convinced me that we can't ignore Nigeria in Crude. And then we both stumbled onto oil shale as the missing piece of our respective jigsaws. (He's planning all sorts of oil books & articles.)