Minus 9000 pounds in the Crude account

Location Spanner Films office (aka spare room in stepmum's flat) | Mood In need of inspiration | Date 3 January 2006
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Franny Armstrong
Spanner Films office (aka spare room in stepmum's flat)
In need of inspiration
Eminem, Crazy In Love. How did I miss this cracker?: "You provide me the lighter fluid to fuel my fire. You're my entire supply. Gas, the match, the igniter."
Dry skin, itchy back, no one to scratch it, boo hoo poor me
3 January 2006
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Well, that was a depressing Xmas and New Year surrounded by reproducing family units.

And it is of course a well-known fact that you can either be a filmmaker or have successful personal relationships. Still, as Helen Steel says, it's not that she feels great for fighting McLibel, it's that she would have felt much worse if she hadn't. I'd hate myself forever if I chose babies or comfort over Crude.

So I spent most of my five days off under a duvet with my cats watching lots of films I should've already seen. Raging Bull, Bonnie and Clyde, Last Picture Show, American Graffiti and a big pile of oil docs. Another good part of the doc-making job: when you can't be bothered to do any real work, just watch a movie and call it research.

Thankfully the fun times are now over and I'm back at work wondering how we can struggle through to our next fundraising round with minus 9000 pounds in the Crude account. Specially now David the editor has had to put back the dates when we can edit the trailer, which we need for the funding evening, which we need for the funding, which we need to make a film. Luckily McLibel got an unexpected 11,000 pound Xmas present from our Australian distributor, so Crude'll just have to borrow that for a couple of months.