McLibel hits the cinema nine years later

Location BBC Broadcasting House | Mood School reunion | Date 15 February 2006
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Franny Armstrong
BBC Broadcasting House
School reunion
Radio 5 Live over the speakers in every room
15 February 2006

Interviews all day for McLibel UK cinema release. Been signed up by very sweet distributors who are acting like it's the first ever screening. Helen, Dave and me are all jaded - has been nine yeas since our first ever screening, after all - but trying to be enthusiastic. Revelation (the distributors) seem to have got tonnes of press interest - press preview the other day was packed and none of the journos left till the end, which is apparently the best you can hope for. They've also designed a gorgeous poster , but then spoilt it by making us sign it. Autographs, eh?

We've finally paid off all our McLibel debts and any future money is profit for everyone who has a percentage. My 25% delivered a sweet 2K and I celebrated by buying some chairs for my table, which has been slightly functionless up to now.